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Arti Newman's Approach

Arti's approach is to empower parents and to provide a long term affordable solution rather than a quick fix.

Arti works with families across a range of areas, including settling and sleep techniques, establishing a good routine, discipline in the home, transition from cot to bed and potty training. She wants parents to know that they don’t have to feel like they’re struggling through the journey on their own, and can get help from a trained professional.

Arti's passion for empowering parents with positive, proactive and gentle sleep techniques first became obvious after being involved with new parents and babies really struggling to settle into a new world!!! Seeing tired, exhausted and desperate parents with no-one to turn to for support led Arti to fulfil a dream – to guide mothers, fathers and families through times of crisis.

Arti knows very well the feelings of agony and desperation when you have a child that struggles to settle and sleep. She doesn’t believe in leaving babies or children to cry it out, nor in the practices of controlled crying. She tends to follow the gradual retreat process.

In the familiar comforts of your home, Arti will use gentle sleep techniques that reassure your child that you’re there with them. By following their sleep plan your child will learn to calmly go to sleep (and go back to asleep) without needing to be rocked, patted, bounced, driven or fed.

Every child is different, and has his/her own sleep needs. Together you and Arti will design a sleep program that puts the right sleep guidelines in place for your child. Arti will then coach and support you every step of the way.

There is no point in solving the problem for a few nights, for it only to recur once Arti has moved on. Her aim is to help you answer the question "what now?" when your own methods have failed.

Arti is well known as a chief troubleshooter. She is an expert for newborns to under fives and addresses every aspect of baby to toddler development.

Gwyneth Paltrow

“Arti Newman makes me want to have many more babies. She cast a magic spell over our household and we will be forever grateful to her”

Natasha Kaplinsky
arti at sleepymunchkins dot co dot uk
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