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Testimonials for Arti Newman and Sleepy Munchkins

We contacted Arti 2 months ago for our 10-month old son Charles who was waking every 1.5-2 hours every night, and sometimes even every 50 minutes, and this for 10 months.

Charles had silent reflux the first 5 months of his life, meaning that he couldn’t fall asleep lying in a horizontal position during this period. We had to bounce and rock him for hours to put him to sleep, and most of his nights he spent trying to sleep on my husband or me. After 5 months the reflux was gone, but the bad habit of frequently waking up remained, so as the one to require long rocking to fall back asleep. This habit was incredibly strong, since it was all he knew since he was born.

I took 10 months of maternity leave, and was breastfeeding him all night, every nights, for 10 months. I wasn’t myself during this period, I started to loose short-term memory, I didn’t really enjoy the parenting. I lost interest in many things, I was just very very tired. Even if I continued to love my son more than ever, I was just so tired than by 5pm I was already counting minutes for the moment he would go to sleep. Even though I knew that I would have to go to him every 1.5 hours to feed him and to rock him. At 9pm, at 10.30pm, at midnight, at 1.30am, at 3.30am and after 5am every hour until 7am. Knowing that I was so depressed going to bed every night, as I knew that the maximum amount of time I would have had would be 2 hours at best...

And then there were nights when he was sick (he had a blocked nose couple of times), and during those nights I just didn’t sleep at all. I read tons of books, research and studies about baby’s sleeping. “The sleeping guide”, I subscribed to 3 instagram accounts of sleeping trainers and tried to follow their advices: not to rock the baby; respect his daily routine and not let him oversleep during the day; try not to feed him...That was the funniest part: we tried many times to not feed him overnight but Charles was screaming so badly that we just surrendered... 

Our view is that old school sleep training is very bad for babies, particularly under 6 months, as it is very stressful and traumatic and can therefore have some effect on their emotional balance. In our view, a baby shouldn’t suffer, period. So the crying out method just wasn’t for me, even if it meant that I would be totally exhausted and sleep deprived for the next 5 years. I’ve never even though about finding a real sleep trainer as in my mind their training would be, by definition, based on a crying out approach.

At the end of the 10th month, I was constantly asking myself: “How I would come back to work with this sleep pattern where some days I couldn’t even remember my name”.

And 8 days before my start date of work, our NCT whatsapp went active again, chatting about the sleep patterns of their babies and one couple recommended Arti, saying that she is the kindest person in the world. It took 4 nights with maximum 20 min of a very little crying for her to teach their 8 month baby girl to sleep.

I took it as a sign of life. I read all the testimonials on Arti’s website and all of them were saying the same thing: that she was amazing, no crying, super gentle, and all these babies continue to sleep after she had left. So I called her and was incredibly lucky, as Arti had a last minute cancellation, so she could come for 7 nights. She came the same day. I was so scared, my husband was scared, and my father (visiting us that week) was very nervous. We didn’t want our baby to suffer and to cry, we didn’t know what to expect. The moment I opened the door and saw Arti’s face I immediately calmed down. She has something magical, she is so kind and gentle, you can see it on her face. She came at 9pm and I thought, Oh my god Charles will wake up at 10.30pm and would be so scared that a lady he doesn’t know will try to calm him down. Especially Charles, who is not big on strangers, on people touching him etc..

And at 10.30pm the miracle happened. He woke up, then I heard some moaning and then silence...She was rocking him, singing to him, patting him and he loved her instantly, as if he always knew her...This night was magical, he woke up only three times...the moaning and then silence. The second night he woke up 4 times, protested a bit longer between 3 and 4am because he wanted somebody to feed him by habit, but even then he didn’t scream, just complained a little. To this day we still don’t understand how she did that. She must have a special aura. It was unthinkable that he would wake up and not scream like crazy. The third and the fourth night he slept longer stretches and woke up 3 times again but quickly fell asleep. And the fifth night he woke up ONCE...The night six he didn’t woke up at all. The night 7 he woke up once for 10min and starting from the night 8 and until today or two months later he has been sleeping through the night, and after this very long testimonial I hope you understand what it meant to me, to us, to our couple, to my work...

I still thank Arti every night when I go to bed. If you still hesitate, please don’t, just have faith in Arti and you will not be disappointed. Your baby will not cry, the worst he will slightly complain a few times and then he will just be a happy baby sleeping through the night!!!

Thank you Arti,
Really thank you.

Maria, Benoit and Charles

Arti sleep trained our 7 month old for 5 nights, he went from waking every half hour and sleeping in our arms all night to almost sleeping through in his cot. She is a lovely, calm and genuinely caring person with a wealth of experience.

Our son has a few medical problems which did not put her off at all, she was able to incorporate his needs into her plans and adjust her strategies as necessary. She really tailors what she does to each individual child rather than taking a blanket approach, which highlights how much experience she has and how many babies she has worked with!

We were nervous about going through the process but she quickly instilled us with confidence and was happy to take things at the speed we were comfortable with. She was really flexible too, with the number of nights we needed and when it looked like he might be getting unwell, happy to postpone if necessary.

She is very intuitive with children and really has a way of understanding them, on night 4 when our son seemed to have taken a step backwards, she did not assume that he was being "naughty" but instead took a step back to figure out why he was crying so much and instead of rigidly sticking to the rules, picked him up to administer medicine and check him properly, before putting him back down and helping him to settle himself. She was lovely with our toddler too and really took the whole family's needs into consideration.

Praveena and Jinal

Arti sleep trained our son Henry when he was 14 months old and our second son Hamish when he was 7 months old.

What I liked was that there was no need for me to quit breastfeeding and the main focus always remained on my childrens' wellbeing.

Thanks to Arti, our  boys, now 30 months and 11 months old, sleep 12 hours through the night in the same room.

We finally have our evenings and our needed regeneration time back.

Arti not only built a strong bond with both my sons, she also built my complete confidence in her, which lasts until today. Arti made sure that the training moved forward gentle, protective and loving.

We have come to know Arti as a very kind and loving soul that gets along very well with people and I'm sure is a welcome guest in every home, as she is in ours.


Things went amazingly with Arti - our baby girl is nearly nine months old and was co-sleeping and still waking and feeding hourly through the night. We tried many things to get her to sleep independently but nothing worked. With the helpful and gentle approach by Arti and her guiding us every step within 5 days our little girl was sleeping through the night and having her naps in her cot in her own room! It’s a miracle! I can’t recommend her enough and even though she’s left us, she still supports us with text messages when we have any questions! Thank you so much Arti!


From the time I first spoke to Arti about sleep training my 15 month old , I felt she was knowledgeable, empathetic and more importantly not as rigid as others I have spoken to - she was willing to tailor an approach that fit our family, our child and our  parenting style. I had tried to do this on my own and by reading information in books, blogs etc but had failed every single time and finally called Arti. She was really flexible in her approach - so much so that on day 2 when my son came down with a slight cold and I was hesitant to let him cry, she suggested we take a break and pick up when he felt better!

Within a week of her coming to us, our son, who used to wake 2-3 times a night was sleeping happily through the night in his cot and is now waking happy and cheerful in the morning. We still occasionally struggle with a very early morning wake up but Arti has given us the tools to be able to manage this.

It’s a life-changer for us to be able to get our nights sleep back and we have Arti to thank for this ! 

Nous avons fait appel a Arti car notre bebe Lenny de 9 mois ne dormait pas bien la nuit.

Il commençait sa nuit a 19h et a partir de 00h00 il se levait toutes les heures en pleures  soit pour la pacifier soit pour son biberon, jusqu’a 5h30.
Nous étions ( mon mari et moi) a bout de force.

Ainsi grace aux conseils avisés, la patience  d’Arti ainsi qu’un plan pour chaque nuit et un support quotidien ( via telephone ou whatsp) nous avons réussi à ce que Lenny trouve un vrai rythme de sommeil et fasse une nuit complete sans interruption!

Grace à Arti nous dormons toute une nuit !! 

Encore merci Arti de nous avoir si bien aidé.

Laurene et David Grabe

We cannot recommend Arti enough - she changed our (night) lives! Our then 15 month old boy couldn’t self settle and therefore he couldn’t sleep during the night and was used to wake up every 2 hours.

After assessing the situation over the phone, Arti spent 2 nights with us and used a very gentle method to train our son. On the third night he learned to self settle in the evening and he started sleeping through the night! 

The fact that Arti was actually doing the training for us was an added bonus, as we had some proper sleep while she was in charge of our son! Thanks Arti!!!

To put it simply…Arti changes lives!!

We contacted Arti when our little boy was 7months old and I wish we had done it sooner! Theo had never been a good day time sleeper and at around 4 months old, his night time sleep also started to regress. By the time we contacted Arti, Theo was waking every hour at night and every 30 minutes in his naps. My arms were aching from the constant rocking of trying to get him back to sleep and with the sleep deprivation really starting to kick in, we just didn’t know what to do and had reached the point of desperation!

A friend of a friend recommended Arti and I instantly felt at ease from the first consultation. We live abroad and she was incredibly understanding of our need for support (our family are all back in the UK) and was always contactable during the tough moments. Arti really made us feel at ease and helped us through every step of the sleep training process even answering the myriad of questions we had! Arti truly tailored the program to suit both our and Theo’s needs, adapting the process as Theo progressed. Her friendly demeanour made it feel like I was talking to a friend; she is empathetic, genuine, a great listener and a life saver.

Theo now falls asleep on his own without a dummy, sleeps 11-12 hours straight through the night and has a 2 hour lunchtime nap. If he does wake, he is now able to get himself back to sleep within 5-10 minutes. He’s like a different baby and we are so so thankful to Arti for making all this happen!

We really couldn’t recommend her enough! 

Thank you :)

The Jacobs Family

It’s been a good month since we had Arti stay with us and train our 20 month old son Björn how to sleep by himself yet I still wake up and pinch myself about the fact that we’ve all had a full night’s sleep - I really can’t quite believe it. Arti has completely changed our lives and we often ask ourselves why did we not do this earlier?!

Like many others, we started with all the best intentions/routines but after illness and lack of willpower we were soon doing all the wrong things. We went through over a year and a half of broken sleep, walking him to sleep in the evening only for him to wake soon after and us taking him to our bed (because we were too tired to fight it), jumping to his demands of more milk and his dummy continuously throughout the night, hair pulling, sleeping on my face, being nudged out of bed - the full works!

Night upon night of restless / broken sleep for us all, we’d wake in the morning with little energy, groggy and longing for more sleep and gallons of coffee! Now we all wake at 7am happy and ready for the day. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Björn’s energy levels during the day and overall happiness (I‘m sure he thinks the same about me!), he now naps for 2 hours a day at the same time each day and goes down for 7pm and wakes at 6.30/7am a happy little boy and ready for his day.

I can’t recommend Arti highly enough, not only does she have a wonderful manner (Björn warmed to her instantly and still says ‘Arti' with a cheeky smile on his face), she is also exceptional at her job, incredibly professional yet with a soft and knowing nature.

Arti didn’t come in and tell us what she was going to do, she listened to our concerns and worked with us to make sure that we were all happy with the plan and her approach.

Thank you so very much, Arti you really are a baby whisperer :)

Arti is exceptional..!

Our little girl Victoria was 6 months old when Arti first came to us. We were keen to get her off the dummy and sleeping through the night. Victoria was ready to sleep through, but needed an expert with patience who could teach her the technique to self-settle. The moment Arti walked in the door, three things happened, 1) she had instant chemistry with our family, 2) little Victoria feel in love with Arti, and 3), good-bye dummy (thrown in the trash immediately). It took a few days (we took a gentle approach), but Victoria was soon sleeping through the night, all thanks to Arti.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming back Arti two more times. In August and January, to help with Victoria’s jet lag after being in Los Angeles on holiday and also to stop a few bad habits picked-up whilst on holiday (using a water bottle as a dummy through the night while on holiday, rushing in when she makes a noise). Arti once again saved us from sleepless nights and heroically got little Victoria off the bottle, off jet-lag, and back to self-settling.  

Arti is extremely knowledgeable, professional, communicative, easy to get along with, lots of great recommendations, and above all is absolutely excellent in achieving results. In addition, she is flexible with the ability to take things as quickly or as slowly as you would like (e.g., baby boot camp vs nice and slow). I highly recommend Arti. She exceeded all expectations. Arti is a true expert in her craft – a “baby-whisperer”.

Book her!!

The Marriott Family

I contacted Arti when our daughter was 8 months and I wish I had done it before. 

We haven't met Arti in person, but after the first phone call we just knew we were in good hands and could trust her. 

She is loving, calm and inspiring and her soft approach was what we thought would be the best for our daughter. 

She is extremely thorough, and ensured she had a complete understanding of our situation before providing us with a sleeping plan, using methods we were comfortable implementing. Arti was a constant support for the following week and longer (unfortunately during the process our daughter got sick and had to hold on the training), which was the true value for us. She was always available, professional, with an encouraging approach to keep us on track. By day two the night breastfeeds were gone and by night three no more dummy... all these with no tears. I will never look back and would recommend Arti to any parents with sleeping issues. She's a sleep angel. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We contacted Arti after a personal recommendation from my brother.  As a result we had high expectations but to be honest as our daughter's sleep issues had been going on for 4 long months and we had already used the services of another sleep consultant we really didn't have high hopes of any major changes.

Arti went above and beyond the norm and we felt supported, understood and most importantly cared for. I was very frustrated and upset at the point of contacting Arti and I felt an immediate connection to her - even though we had never met in person. From one simple phone call she understood the issues & felt she could help us. I was hopeful for the first time in months. I was more comfortable with a gentle approach and Arti was very respectful of that but also helped me understand how we could help my daughter by pushing her a little to become more independent.

You can immediately tell that Arti not only absolutely loves her job but she is excellent at in. Within a matter of days our daughter's sleep patterns changed and by day six she was going down to sleep immediately - we wanted to open a bottle of fizz as for 4 long months it was taking up to 3 hours to get her to sleep!

I wholeheartedly recommend Arti and I will forever be grateful for the gracious, professional way she treated me and my family. Thank you Arti from the bottom of my heart - you are my angel!

Natalie Sanchez-Bowen

Arti was fantastic.

From the moment that we spoke on the phone to go through our sons ‘challenges’ (dummy addiction leading to waking up 3-4 times a night minimum) we felt at ease. She immediately struck up a rapport with our 8 month old son as well. Was kind an guided us through what she was going to do and her approach, but also made it clear that she would work swiftly to understand our son and adapt to his needs as required.

The results speak for themselves as he is now sleeping through. She gave us the confidence to deal with when he woke, and what to do to continue the success that she had. She also has been brilliant a the follow up – available for calls and texting if we faced any issues / challenges.

Highly recommended.

Louisa Cheetham

Arti was exactly who we were looking for to help our family.

I had resisted sleep training our daughter because I was worried that it would be traumatic for her. However she was waking regularly throughout the night and needing my breast to go back to sleep and it reached a crisis point when she was 8.5 months old and I knew we couldn't do it anymore. I was just so tired and I wanted to feel normal again. We reached out to night nannies for urgent help and struck gold with Arti who had a cancellation the week that we needed her. I was so worried about it but she inspired confidence in us immediately. She's intuitive and kind. The process wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be and she only stayed 4 nights until our baby didn't need any nighttime intervention. It's still early days so we'll see how things progress but so far so good and we are miles from where we were. Miraculous really.

I would highly recommend Arti to anyone particularly if you'd rather adopt a gentle but firm approach. 

Thanks very much 


My 8 month old baby girl needed a dummy to sleep and also woke frequently in the night for various reasons we didn’t understand.  We all needed to get sleep so had taken to letting her sleep in our bed at some point in the night for about 6 weeks before we brought in Arti.

Arti completely changed our lives!! She got rid of the dummy and my little one now sleeps 7pm to 7am and can settle herself well. I felt Arti really respected my baby and got to know her quickly. She was gentle with us too and not giving me too much ‘homework’ in the daytime when she wasn’t there. I now have the confidence to continue Arti’s techniques.

Kylie Linchfeild

Arti is truly brilliant.

Our little girl, Betty, was 11 months old when Arti came to us. Betty was going to bed with no problem and an absolute delight throughout the day, however the day started at 4am, every morning. I tried everything, a dream feed, later to bed but nothing was working. Her older brother had just started at nursery, so was extremely tired and being woken up by his little sister so early was having a knock on effect on him.

Arti stayed for the week and slowly everyday Betty made improvements. By the 7th morning she woke at 6:30 after sleeping for 12 hours.

Our delightful little girl is a dream during the day and the night now thanks to Arti.  And Jack (her brother) is thankful too! :o)

I couldn't recommend Arti highly enough.

Emma and George

Arti was exactly who we were looking for to help our family.

I had resisted sleep training our daughter because I was worried that it would be traumatic for her. However she was waking regularly throughout the night and needing my breast to go back to sleep and it reached a crisis point when she was 8.5 months old and I knew we couldn't do it anymore. I was just so tired and I wanted to feel normal again.

I was so worried about it but she inspired confidence in us immediately. She's intuitive and kind. The process wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be and she only stayed 4 nights until our baby didn't need any nighttime intervention.

It's still early days so we'll see how things progress but so far so good and we are miles from where we were. Miraculous really.

I would highly recommend Arti to anyone particularly if you'd rather adopt a gentle but firm approach.

Arti came to sleep train Rosa when she was 6 months old and I was very ready to have her sleep through the night. Sleep deprivation for new parents is utter torture and makes everything on a daily basis much more strenuous. By the time I called I was absolutely desperate and even just speaking to Arti over the phone was very revealing, comforting and reassuring.

Arti has a special connection with young ones there is no doubt about it. My daughter fell in love with Arti instantly. When I opened the door in the morning Rosa was hugging Arti trying to eat her nose!

In a very short amount of time I managed to eliminate night feeds in order to allow Rosa to sleep throughout the night and I also stopped having to rock the baby to sleep, but simply lay her in her cot. My daughter now can wake up in the night and settle herself back to sleep, this is key for babies.

Arti's solutions are simple and sensible, her approach toward each child is based on the individual child's need and character. Arti's technique clearly come from a loving place and from a wealth of experience of working with so many different babies.

I would recommend Arti to all new parents to help structure a healthy and long term sleeping routine from which the whole family will undoubtedly benefit.

Thank you Arti!


I got in touch with Ambra after a few days to see how Rosa was doing and here is her reply.....

WOOOHOOOO It's a sleep revolution over here! literally i fell like i'm a Walt Disney character today. This morning the birds and raccoons helped me make the beds and fluff the pillows, Rosa changed her own nappy and then a family of dolphins came to collect Rosa for a swim in the sea...I'm HIGH AS A KITE WITH ENTHUSIASM.

Thank you!


I am mother to a one year old boy, Finn, and for the last three months, he has been a champion sleeper. For every single day of the last three months my husband and I have thanked our lucky stars that we were introduced to Arti as it is all because of her.

Before Arti arrived in our house, we could not put Finn to sleep without rocking or feeding him to sleep, sometimes for 40 minutes at a time! For his first few months, he woke every 3-4 hours and would need rocking or feeding to sleep again but between 6-9 months he would wake every 30-40 minutes all night every night. I was co-sleeping just to be able to survive! I was a hallucinating, dysfunctional wreck when a friend gave me Arti's number.

I was worried about what I had read about sleep training and the potential impact on a baby through lots of crying and not being "developmentally ready" to sleep. I was also worried about the impact sleep training would have on breastfeeding as Finn seemed to feed an awful lot through the night. I was also worried about the cost of having Arti come to stay with us - what if it didn't work? From the first phone call, Arti put me at ease. She said that while there would be some crying she did not believe in "crying it out" and she also reassured me that Finn did not need to feed that much at night at 9 months when established on solids. She also said that she would pencil in a date and that if it did not work closer to the time or if Finn's sleep had improved or if we wanted fewer days then I could always cancel or adjust - I was amazed at her flexibility!

Finn's sleep did not improve and we eagerly (desperately?) anticipated Arti's arrival! Arti had given me some things to try to move Finn in the right direction before her arrival, which gave me something to focus on. When Arti walked into our house, Finn leapt into her arms when he first laid eyes on her! A fantastic, but highly unusual reaction for our normally-shy little boy! A great start! Arti went through our routine and I explained that if Finn slept in his own cot in his own room and only woke 3-4 times a night, I would count that a success. But I also said that I thought Finn might be the baby that broke her.

At 7pm that night, Arti took Finn and told my husband and I to relax. For the first time in nine months, we had dinner together, had a glass of wine and even watched a movie! After an hour, Arti came in to say that Finn was asleep. She explained what she had tried and what had finally worked and how she was going to approach the rest of the night. She told us to get to bed and she would wake us in the morning. We woke at half 7 with a knock at the door and Finn in Arti's arms. She explained how the night had gone and then left us to our morning routine and feed. Arti then repeated this for all naps and night time sleeps, keeping us in the loop at all times. We felt totally comfortable and knew that Finn was being looked after. He became really attached to Arti too.

After three nights, it was time for Arti to leave. My husband and I were terrified - what if Finn started playing up with us? What if we couldn't carry on what Arti started? What if...? But Arti left us with simple instructions about what to do and answered our (many) questions. She also provided ongoing support - we were emailing/ whatsapping her updates every day and she would give us advice and reassurance. She left us calm and confident and, most importantly, rested!! Finn was also starting to settle himself back to sleep within 3 days with each sleep better than the last.

Two weeks later, beyond all of my expectations and wildest dreams, Finn was sleeping through from 7pm until 7am. It was a miracle! He was so much happier for it and my husband and I suddenly became a couple again! All my fears of sleep training were proven totally unfounded and Finn continued to breastfeed and put on weight nicely, simply adjusting to day feeds instead. We are a happier family as a result and we cannot thank Arti enough.

I have recommended Arti to every single sleep-deprived parent I have come across. Not only was the money the best investment we have ever made but we have also made a good friend in the process. We still pinch ourselves every morning when we wake up and Finn is playing happily in his cot waiting to be fed after a 12 hour sleep. Arti is our fairy godmother - it is not an exaggeration to say that she saved our little family. Don't hesitate to call her in to help your family too. You won't ever regret it.

Priya and Pete

After 8 months of no sleeping, my wife and I were reaching the point of insanity. It is unbelievable how to best feeling in the world of being a parent can clash to the worst feeling of frustration due to sleep deprivation. Hence we called Arti.

Arti has been amazing, especially in giving us the confidence to do the right things to improve the situation. Her voice, tone and tips were incredible.
On night one we got rid of the dummy and the night feeds. Most importantly we immediatly felt in control of the situation and thanks to Arti’s support, also over the phone, we have managed to build a healthy routine.

Today our daughter sleeps from 19.30 until 7.00 am every night, she has learnt to settle herself back to sleep and has not seen a dummy for over 5 weeks (and never again will). She is a very happy little girl.

Arti, you are very precious and we cannot thank you enough.

from your Italian friends!

It is 7:15pm, I am writing this as my daughter Léonore (almost 4 months) is asleep at home in her cot. It took me 10 minutes to put her to bed in comparison to the 1:30 hours to 2:30 hours it took my husband and I everynight since we had tried to wean her from falling asleep while feeding. 

After spending the day with Léonore, my husband would come home and we would soon dread the prospect of starting our night routine...

We decided to embark on a week phone consultation with Arti and we were both surprised at how quickly we obtained results. Arti does not have a magic wand but she knows babies and she gave me the confidence to try new things without constantly questionning myself whether I was doing the right thing or not. 

I didn't think Léonore was able to nap at home as everytime I tried it ended up with a lot of crying so I was spending the day pushing the buggy (great to lose my pregnancy weight but also very tiring and mentally draining!). Arti also helped with that and on good days I can get Léonore to sleep for a good 1:40 hours at home at lunchtime. 

It did require a lot of commitment from my part in getting her settled into her new routine but it has been SO worth it!

Arti was always available via text or on the phone, and I really appreciated the fact that she gave me lots of options and choices. I miss Arti now and want to text her all the time to tell her about Léonore's progress but I feel I also have a lot of tools at my disposal when not everything goes according to plan.

Our second baby girl of 11months would not take any other form of milk in a bottle but breastmilk. As I was back at work from maternity leave we tried many ways to wean her off and nothing was successful until we had Arti coming to help us. Arti is a very calm, knowledgeable and kind person who made us feel at ease since the start. She was very honest and warned us that as our baby was an bit old to wean from breastfeeding any technique may not work. However, she positively tried during the night and morning she stayed with us and not only I got to rest better knowing my baby was in good hands but I also woke up to the wonderful surprise that she had taken a bottle with formula milk.

Once Arti showed us how to keep feeding her with the bottle it worked successfully, even after she left. We are now so much happier knowing that our baby is taking the right amount of milk during the day and night and that I can now stop rushing home from work to breastfeed because that was the only thing she would take.

My toddler also loved having Arti around and we would not hesitate to call her back or recommend her to other parents who may want help with many things around children's routines. We still keep in touch with her to let her know how wonderful our baby is doing and much more settle her routine is thanks to her help in transitioning her from being breastfeed to taking a bottle.

Family in Barnes

Arti AKA "Hearty" in our household, a true life saver ... we thought our son Bertie would be "the one she couldn't break", oh how wrong we were.

After 28 months of sleepless nights from Bertie and now his little sister Elizabeth, my husband and I were at our wits end. Bertie would take 2-3 hours to get to sleep and then would wake up 2-3 times throughout the evening for milk. We had hit a brick wall. My sister had used Arti with my nephew and so I had living proof that her magic works. We instantly felt at ease when we met her, it was like we had known her a very long time. Obviously she was here to sort out our son but first she needed to create a solid foundation and tackle me and my husband to ensure we were all singing from the same hymn sheet. She figured out our issues instantly and dealt with them so beautifully and delicately. The rest just fell in to place. 

Bertie met Arti on night one and called her "Hearty", he too felt at ease with her. Bertie tried everything, pressed all buttons, he even turned the monitor off at one point so he couldn't hear Arti "Sushhhing" him! But we got there in the end, the result, no more tantrums (well maybe the odd few!), no more tears going into nursery, he was enjoying sleep and a real pleasure to be around.

Two months later I brought Hearty back to train Elizabeth who was 8 months old. To ensure we didn't wake Bertie we would grab Elizabeth and bring her in our bed. She soon forgot how to sleep in her cot so we knew we had to nip this in the bud. Although we knew it would be tough we felt at ease and knew it was the best thing for Elizabeth. It worked within days and suddenly the whole household was enjoying some sleep, a miracle!

There are some nights where one of them will try and create havoc but Arti has provided my husband and I with the tools to deal with the situation and feel 100 per cent confident in doing so, knowing that this is one of the best possible gifts you can give a child ... sleep! To anybody that is reading this and suffering from a child that doesn't sleep, I cannot recommend Hearty enough. Reaching out to her will be the best thing you ever do!

Jane and Patrick Brown
(Parents of Bertie aged 2 & Elizabeth aged 8 months)

I have always been more of an attachment parenting type mom and so my daughter slept with my husband and I in our bed from birth.  Culturally, this was also the norm where I come from.  However a few months after my daughter turned two, I became pregnant and the strain of working full-time, being pregnant, looking after a toddler and not getting proper rest at night, finally took its toll.  My husband and I decided it was time to move our daughter into her own room and bed.  Initially I did not not even think of seeking help from a sleep consultant but a friend recommended Arti so highly that I thought I should at least speak to her.   I had very specific requirements for the sleep training – I wanted it to be as gentle a process as possible and to do it myself.

The moment I spoke to Arti, I knew she was the right person to work with for this.   She listened intently and was very flexible and open to adapting her methods to my particular requirements…but what resonated the most was her caring nature and completely non-judgemental attitude.  We then embarked on a telephone consultation program for the sleep training which essentially meant Arti guiding me through the process with daily emails and weekly phone conversations.  Arti did not have a fixed program, but instead listened at each stage to what the issues were and how my daughter was responding to the training.  We did not move to the next stage until Arti and I felt my daughter was ready.  Over the course of 8 weeks Arti helped me to do a number of very challenging things:

  • Get my daughter comfortable and feeling safe in her new room
  • Sleeping in her own bed without me in the room
  • Eliminating her dependence on holding on to my hair to fall asleep and while she slept (Yes - I slept for two years with my daughter holding on to my hair throughout the night J )
  • Eliminating the milk feeds she was having at night
  • Getting her to fall asleep at the beginning of the evening without me in her room
  • Self-settling throughout the night

Amazingly we achieved this with barely any crying and traumas!  Throughout the process Arti always gave great advice that was appropriate for my daughter and the circumstances.  She was extremely patient and caring.  I recommend her whole heartedly – your sweet darlings couldn’t be in better hands!

Chris and Van

Gabriella is our first baby and totally gorgeous.  Up until 10 months when we called Arti, she had slept though the night only a couple of times.  Her pattern was a total wake up around 2am and she took a whole bottle of milk.  We tried a dream feed but it didn’t stop her waking again in the middle of the night. We got used to this once a night routine and thought she would grow out of it. But as she got older instead of the situation improving she was harder to get to sleep in the day and at night and was waking up several times and rising earlier – like 5am and I was having to hold her to get her to sleep.  We were at the end of our tether, sleep deprived and worried about what was going to happen.  We were getting married in 2 months time and didn’t know how we would all cope with the trip.  And I knew Gabriella was not getting a good night sleep and that couldn’t be good for her. 

Arti arrived on a Monday evening and met Gabriella. Gabriella is a smart baby and knew something was afoot!  My husband thought Gabriella would be the 1 baby that wouldn’t conform (I had more hope – I needed to as my sanity depended on it!).  The result was miraculous.  In 3 nights Gabriella was sleeping through . Arti stayed 5 nights in all (but the last 2 were more for my peace of mind than Gabriella)  Arti was loving and considerate with me and Gabriella. She managed me amazingly well. I felt at ease and positive.  And the knock on affect is also amazing. She goes to sleep by herself in her cot for her daytime sleep and at night and I don’t worry and fret any more.  She very rarely cries at bedtime and if she does – it’s for under a minute.  I also have some simple techniques I can use if Gabriella needs some extra help with settling but I rarely need to use them.  

I wish I had called Arti at the 6 months point when Gabriella was on solids because we all would have had a lot more good nights sleep by now.


Arti worked wonders with our eight month old daughter who is no longer dummy or cuddle dependent at night.  She has also given us some very practical tips to ensure this is a long term state rather than a short term fix. We are very grateful to Arti for her calm, professional, efficient and caring approach - towards our children and towards us!

Raf & Sam

Arti was fantastic. She is not phased by anything, she is calm, kind, empathetic and has a magic touch with babies. My baby boy (6 months) was not able to settle himself without being breast fed to sleep and after 12 hours of Arti being with us I fed him in the morning and placed him in his cot... He rolled over and went to sleep! He had never done this since he was newborn. By the third night I was having to wake George at 7.30am to start the day!  I was anxious that sleep training would involve a lot of crying and distress to George and me.... I can honestly say it did not and not once did I find his crying too much to listen to, he learnt very quickly and without too much protesting.

When Arti left George caught a cold and we did have a slight regression, however, Arti has been extremely supportive by phone to help us ensure that George continues to sleep well. We have the tools and confidence now and have made good progress.  He sometimes wakes too early but this is not everyday. We have come a very long way in a few weeks and now have our evenings and night back and he now takes a bottle for two feeds a day. I highly recommend Arti not only did she help George to learn to sleep properly in his cot she helped get our home life back on track.  She understands mummies and not just babies!

Eleanor Warr

Arti has literally changed our lives. My 11 month old son had to be rocked to sleep and was waking up 5 times during the night. He needed a bottle at 4am and woke up at 5.30am. His lunchtime nap would only last 45 minutes. It was difficult for our family to function properly.  Within 3 nights of Arti's arrival, our son was loving his bed, didn't need to be rocked to sleep and was sleeping without waking once from 7pm to 7.15am. And his lunchtime nap is now a blissful 2.5 hours. My son is now so much more contented, it has made a real transformation in our family's quality of life. To this very day I still can't believe he sleeps right through the night, even when he's ill! 

Francesca Lee

We were having a really difficult time with our daughter's sleeping habits and that's when we decided to call Arti. Our adorable seven month old baby girl Sofia, was waking up up to twenty times during the night. She was using a dummy that worked marvelously to get her to sleep within seconds, but every time she dropped it, that would wake her up.  Sofia was unable to fall into a deep sleep, which made her tired and cranky throughout the day. 
Arti came to us and she was very sweet and gentle to our baby. We never felt that Sofia was in distress and Arti walked us through every step of the way. All Arti's methods worked like magic and by the third night of Arti's staying with us, Sofia started sleeping through the night. Her mood and appetite improved dramatically. Our lives changed that week thanks to Arti.


Meet Harrison my wonderful son who recently turned 2 years and until meeting Arti at 20 months old had never slept longer than a 5hr block without waking for comfort/attention.

No doubt if you are reading this testimonial its probably because you have tried everything yourself, listened to everyone else’s advice and still not had consistent success. I have no doubt you are exhausted from the broken sleep but keeping thinking that you can crack it by yourself, after all you are the mother/father right!

A friend of mine who had used Arti with her boys kept saying “Your should try a sleep trainer , it will be the best money you ever spend” but i always used to dismiss it no matter how many times she would gently suggest it…..well when Elsa arrived and i was dealing with 2 children to get to sleep i finally admitted that i needed help so i decided to ask my friend for Arti’s number.  From the moment i spoke to Arti on the phone i knew she was going to help me crack it, she listened intently to all my woes on how i had got to this phone call and she asked all about my son, it was like talking to an old friend and i was excited to meet her and start this journey.  Arti came back with suggestions on what to change and gave me the confidence that i now had the tools to carry it on. Arti is our sleep angel I am now pleased to say that even though we are still an early riser (its work in progress!) we are sleeping through the night! yeah!  Make the call, it will be the best money you ever spend! Thank you Arti for changing our lives! xx


We were close to madness from sleep deprivation when we met Arti, and the minute she met our baby boy, she made an immediate connection. He was not good with strangers, but she has an incredible way about her, which immediately put us and little Tristan at ease.

Within days she miraculously managed to get him to sleep through the night, after months of being awake from midnight until morning. We gave her the nickname Arti Poppins, and as I understand so do many of her other clients!

She comes to love and care very deeply for the children she looks after, and in return they never forget her. We came to realize through Arti's work, that sleep is the cornerstone of a young families development, and if not taken seriously, can lead to so many other problems. We can not recommend her highly enough! Fortunate are those who find her.

Raquel Parke-Martinez

Our precious and very energetic baby daughter was 9 months old and she has always had trouble to sleep. Chloe didn't want to go to bed, refused to stay in her room and was always very agitated in the evening. She was falling asleep around midnight, with us in the leaving room, then waking up 3-4 times a night. In the end I was taking her to bed with us, which I knew was bad but I couldn't stand spending hours at 4am trying to get her to sleep. Chloe never slept during the day either, except if we walked her outside or sometimes if completely exhausted she felt asleep on us but always waking up when we moved her to her cotbed. Needless to say this late night sleeping and constant waking up took a toll on the family.

In desperation I called Arti, having heard of sleep trainer through a friend who recommended her. We can't be happier and grateful to Arti for helping us get Chloe to sleep. Although she was very busy and couldn't offer an appointment immediately, she understood the situation and suggested to have a telephone consultation first. It went so well that after an initial 1hour consultation and a few follow up calls Chloe started sleeping through the night, a whole 11 hours sleep with no waking up. And she goes to bed at 8.30pm. She also sleeps 1.5hours in the afternoon and is now a well rested and very energetic baby. The transformation is complete and Irina and I finally have some time together in the evening. 

I would highly recommend Arti to anyone looking for help to get their child to sleep. She is kind, understanding and very professional and most importantly for us Chloe is now sleeping for over 2 months without waking up once at night.

Vlad and Irina (first time parents)

Arti is amazing. I felt that she cared as much about my daughter and her sleep as I did and that helping us out was more than a job to her.

Arti came to us during the day to help teach my daughter to go to sleep on her own and from the first day I felt calmer and more in control. When the first technique we tried didn't suit, Arti was very calming and supportive and helped us move to a different technique.

I had been desperate to find a way to get my daughter to sleep without letting her cry - the second technique involved a very little crying but, with Arti in control, it was not traumatic for anyone. Within a day of this, my daughter taught herself to go to sleep and she now sleeps from 7pm to 7am and naps well.

While Arti was with us she was so supportive and kind and we miss her now! It's very hard to explain what it is about Arti that is so special - it's something very specific to her that babies clearly respond to (and mothers too!).

I heartily recommend her and I cannot say enough good things about Arti!.


Our sleep story:

Arti is without doubt one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

By five months old our lovely baby boy was causing mayhem. He wouldn’t sleep more than 35 minutes at a time during the day and only slightly longer at night unless I was there to 'sshh' him back to sleep, breastfeed him or pop in his dummy. With my partner convalescing and another young child to deal with, I was on my knees with tiredness and it was really starting to take its toll on the whole family.

When I asked people for advice on why he was waking so much and what to do, nobody seemed to be able to help. It would either be, “he’s hungry – you’ll either need to feed him on demand (all night) or get him on formula” or, the one I heard most, “he’s just  doing what all babies do – he’ll eventually grow out of it”. So, I tried everything but got nowhere. Then, after he woke twenty times in one night I thought this is really getting ridiculous and I rang Arti. It was the best thing I ever did.

I had hoped at best that Arti might advise me on whether I could cut down my night time feeds and get a few hours solid sleep. In fact, Arti came to us on the Sunday night and by Thursday morning my baby was sleeping solidly from 7.30pm to 6am (and after a week to 7am). He didn’t need a dummy or to be fed during the night and he happily took naps during the day of about an hour at a time. It was completely amazing. As the weeks went by I started to see a totally different baby emerge, one that was happy, content and rested. Clearly I wasn’t the only one that had been suffering from sleep deprivation.

Everyone always asks me, “how did she do it?” I think it is down to her vast experience but also her intuition. She just ‘gets’ mums and babies. In our case, she taught my baby how to go to sleep and get back to sleep on his own if he woke up, and she taught me (in the gentlest way possible) to have a bit more confidence. I would be lying if I said it didn’t involve a bit of crying for my baby (and Arti was upfront about that) but, hand on heart, I never, ever heard him distressed. She promised me she would always intervene to sooth him before he got upset and she was absolutely true to her word. When he cried you could tell it was because he was protesting at the fact that I wasn’t dancing attendance on him all night, but he wasn’t upset. As she said to me “he might not like it very much at first, but I promise you I will make sure he is absolutely fine”. And he was.

Now eighteen months on, our beautiful toddler loves sleeping. When he’s tired he points to his cot and asks to go “in there, in bed, mummy”. I just pop him in and he has a wee chat to himself and then cuddles in and drifts off. Magic! Happy boy, happy mum.

I guess if you’re reading this you might be apprehensive about a stranger coming into your house to look after your child. You might wonder how that will work, what she will be like or whether you are right to be asking for help – the “shouldn’t I just tough it out?” argument. Yes, maybe you could tough it out but why would you when there’s a way to make it better? I could wax lyrical about Arti but the bottom line is she is one of those people that you will feel better for knowing. She is kind and gentle and genuine and both my children absolutely adored her. So did we and in fact we all cried when she left! She was like a dear, wise relative who knew instinctively what to do. I just wish there were more people like her to help people with their restless babies.

Adele Brown (mum of two happy sleepers)

I had a phone consultation with Arti. 

Arti is fantastic. She's incredibly experience and you know from the start that you can rely on her. Her advice works, as long as you follow it! She looked into not only the sleeping patterns of my sons, but also looked into all the other aspect of their life - food intake, daily routine, activities etc.

Arti is also incredibly friendly and supportive along the way - you will need all the support you can get!

I highly recommend her!

Mafalda Borea

Arti really helped me and my family get into a routine that worked for all of us! My 9 month old son needed to be held or patted to sleep (and in 9 times out of 10 would wake when transferring him to his cot!), getting up a few times during the night and only taking very short naps throughout the day. As I was preparing to return to work I realised I really needed to establish a better routine and also help him get more sleep as he was getting cranky when he was tired.

I had started some controlled crying but was having minimal success so as a last resort reached out to Arti as I needed someone to give me the confidence that I was doing the right thing. We had a phone consultation and Arti spent time listening to me, understanding my son and our routine and then made suggestions to help him settle at night. What really helped was she gave me the confidence to continue controlled crying (though at no time was my son left distraught/distressed) and made me see the importance of consistency. It was about teaching my son the signals for sleep and also how to self settle – he had just gotten too used to being held and cuddled in order to sleep.

Within a few days, I already started to see some improvement – he started to sleep more routinely during the day, but more importantly, he learnt to go to sleep by himself without being held or patted at night. I can honestly say that he now goes to sleep by himself and rarely do I need to go and settle him in the night since that first week which makes for a much better night sleep for all of us! Although we still struggle with the long afternoon naps, Arti gave me the tools to understand how to deal with different scenarios and I felt she really made an effort to make sure the routine worked for us. The follow up conversations and messages were also really good as we were able to discuss improvements and also areas to tweak where we felt it wasn’t quite working.

Thank you Arti for helping us – we’re so grateful for all your help!


My wife and I were at our breaking point with our 2 year old when we first contacted Arti.

I remember our first call and I kept asking Arti -are you'll sure you've had experience with a baby throwing up her entire meal/ projectile vomiting ? Are you sure?!! How would you handle it?

Basically we were very concerned that Arti wouldn't be able to handle Audrianna when she would inevitably throw up when you tried to put her down to sleep. We had to tire her out and were accustomed for the night time routine to last an hour or more. Then "if" we got past that without her throwing up we had to deal with her waking up at usually 11pm/mid night and often at 4am ish too.

Arti has been a super life saver.. I am proud to say that Audrianna has been sleeping thru the night for the last few months!!! Arti gave us the tools and confidence in not only ourselves but that our princess had it in her to sleep through.

I can't tell you how relieved and happy we are that we found Arti. Our only regret is not finding her sooner.

So if you've got a little one who is not sleeping- you have to call Arti. I've told all my friends and family that we basically found the "Baby Whisperer"!

She is that good.

Jo and Lin

Arti assisted me with sleep training of my 22 month old son. I found her to be exceptionally warm yet professional. As soon as I met Arti I instantly liked her and found her to have a pleasant and easy manner. For someone to come in to your home, sleep under your roof and look after your most precious asset and do it with such ease and comfort is a rare and special quality. I was totally exhausted and frustrated by lack of sleep. My son had got into a pattern of not going to sleep on his own, propelling himself from his cot, pulling his own hair/banging his head all to gain attention. Additionally after finally going to sleep he was waking up and screaming for his Mama at least once or twice in a night.

Arti listened carefully to the issues that I had and calmly suggested a routine that worked for me, including changing of his bath time to reflect more quiet/down time, dimming of lights etc plus saftey/security measures to implement to ensure my son was kept safe. Within 3 nights she was able to completely turn around the situation for me to then try on my own the new routine. In the days after she left, Arti kept in touch by text and offering reassurance. A lovely touch and one which made me feel she was still there to support and that I wasnt alone.

In just a week I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am able to have more patience with my son having got some sleep for the first time in months. He is also a lot less grumpy because he too is getting some sleep. I really do recommend Arti!


Arti is a modern day Mary Poppins!

Arti is, quite simply, wonderful. Just like Mary Poppins, she came into our house and instantly made us feel at ease, that she was in control and that we would find a solution to our 12 month old daughter's frequent waking in the night. After months of very little sleep, we were at our wits' end but reluctant to resort to leaving our little girl to cry for hours on her own. I was delighted that Arti didn't come in and immediately tell me to let her 'cry it out' like so many other people had done. Instead she gently and calmly helped Pippa learn to sleep, including dealing with the process of taking away her beloved dummy. Crucially, she also spent a lot of time talking to my husband and me, reassuring us and giving us the confidence we needed to continue on with her approach.

Within a few days, the little girl who used to wake up 6 or 7 times a night and only go back to sleep if Mummy or Daddy held her hand, slept through the night, waking once or twice but settling herself straight back to sleep - no Mummy or Daddy required! She has even managed to do it while suffering from a bad cold - something that would have been unimaginable before Arti arrived. As a result, we have a well-rested, contented little toddler and her parents couldn't be happier!

Arti's a lovely lady to whom we comfortably entrusted the night-time care of our child, a very knowledgeable sleep consultant and a pleasure to have in our home. We are enormously grateful to Arti and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Martyn and Catherine
My husband and I had a 6 month old baby who woke at least 6 times every night since birth and refused to sleep alone in his room. We were at our wits end when we called Arti. In 3 nights she managed to get our son to sleep through the night alone in his own crib. We believe this was nothing short of a miracle and can't thank Arti enough! We only wish we found her sooner!

Patricia and Pierse

Herks is transformed! and so are his parents (and our lives).I actually think that's where the biggest part of your magic listening, encouraging, advising, inspiring and enabling parents to aquire and put into practice wonderfully simple methods, ideas and actions that totally achieve results. We are a new family and are still reeling from your guidance and presence many weeks after your visit. THANK YOU

Adam and Jules

Arti managed, with great ease I might add, to asses our 6 month old son’s needs and demands from the very outset. She was always punctual and professional, but most importantly she was caring, considerate and incredibly thoughtful towards all of us. Inside of 3 nights she had managed to drop the dummy, the night feed and have Charles sleeping from 7pm till 6am. Whichever family Arti goes on to work for next, should be the envy of every sleepless parent. We already miss her.

Will and Tracey Anne

Arti is amazing!

She calmly managed to get my 4 month old baby onto the bottle in a matter of hours (I had been struggling for weeks without any success).

A couple of months later she trained my baby to sleep through the night, using a loving yet firm method. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Furthermore, Arti was a massive support to me by guiding and helping me with a long list of questions & fears I had. That alone (as a first time mum) is absolutely priceless! I can’t recommend her highly enough and have got all my friends hooked on her too by now!

Philippa (first time mummy)
I will never be able to thank Arti enough for bringing my whole family back from utter despair. My then 6 month old son hardly slept. He would wake & cry between 10 and 15 times every night, needless to say, the effects on myself, my husband & 4 yr old daughter were horrendous.

I was apprehensive at the thought of a stranger spending the night in our house & of course with my baby, but the moment I met Arti I felt totally at ease. She was warm, kind, understanding, unobtrusive but most of all knew exactly how to deal with the situation with minimal stress . I was totally comfortable leaving my son in her capable hands & her approach was firm yet gentle & tactile.

The time she spent with us was a total dream & can honestly say the best money we have ever spent.

Ariana - mother of two happy, healthy, well rested children!
I would thoroughly recommend Arti to anyone looking for help getting their child to sleep. My two year old son had never been a good sleeper, and with baby number 2 on the way, we had to do something about it.

Arti came and after several nights Rufus finally started to sleep. We were worried that he might be thrown by having someone else come to him in the night, but he wasn't, and he really warmed to her.

There was a small element of controlled crying, which was a huge relief, as before Arti came our nights were full of uncontrolled crying. I couldn't recommend her more.

Claire McDonald (mother of two)
We were introduced to Arti when my little boy was 4 weeks old and quite frankly she was an absolute god send. My little boy had not slept in his moses basket for longer for 30minutes since the day he was born and I was struggling with feeding issues (despite reading all the books)!

Within a day or so, Arti had taught me exactly how to settle Callum in his moses basket and help me manage feeding effectively (as well as starting a routine a bit later on). Needless to say we very soon both had our first good nights sleep!

Arti's breadth of knowledge and experience with these issues as well as her calm, kind and friendly persona has been invaluable to us. We have found that at other stages such as weaning, moving in cotbed and every day issues that crop up, we have consulted Arti for her expertise and reassurance.

We will be eternally grateful for all your help and guidance at such stressful and demanding times, thank you so much Arti.

Hayley (first time mummy)
We really can't say enough good things about Arti.

She spent several nights with us last October and since then (nearly June now) we haven't once had to go into our daughter during the night. I immediately trusted that Arti had our daughter's best interests at heart and that she would not allow her to become distressed as she taught her how to settle herself off to sleep (without a dummy, nightlight or mummy and daddy!)

Watching them together in the mornings, it was clear to see that our 8 month old totally trusted and liked Arti a lot!!! Arti was joy to have in our home and I'd welcome her back any time she wanted to visit!

Her confidence, patience and professionalism were outstanding and if we ever take the plunge and have another baby, I wouldn't hesitate to call Arti in again!

Nichola (first time mummy)
Arti came to me as a troubleshooter back in January 2008. I was having great difficulty in getting my 14 month old boy to sleep through the night in his cot. He had developed bad sleeping habits having orignially having had reflux as a small baby. The only way I could get him to sleep through the night was with me in my bed. I had heard about troubleshooting night nannies but was nervous about the "controlled crying" techniques.

Arti was amazing, after a few nights she changed Rhys's sleeping habits using techniques which I felt comfortable with.

She is re-assuring, kind and has a loving manner with babies and children. I felt very confident of going to bed knowing that my son was in her capable and secure hands! When her initial visits came to an end she guided me on how to continue so I did not revert back into the previous bad sleeping habits.

Arti is a friendly, flexible and caring person who I would whole heartdly recommend; and indeed I have done so on numerous occasions to friends who were having difficulties with their babies waking in the night.

Kathy (mother of two)
My little girl was a fussy eater from day one, just giving her a bottle proved to be a battle. So, imagine my frustration when this problem continued into weaning.

Seeing my predicament, a friend kindly suggested speaking with Arti, and thank goodness I did.

Arti’s expertise shone through immediately as she made suggestions and recommendations of what I could do to convince my little girl to eat. Immediately I felt calmer and in control, needless to say things have improved significantly. Feeding times are no longer a thing to dread, quite the opposite.

Thank you Arti for your help and guidance without it I would still be pulling my hair out!

Collete (first time mummy)
Arti changed our lives!

Our precious and energetic daughter was 1and a half years old and we hadn't slept for the same amount of time. We needed sleep and were also really concerned about her health. In desperation I googled something like 'night nannies' not really knowing if there were indeed professional sleep trainers.

We found Arti who sounded lovely on the phone, but of course we were really nervous and not knowing what to expect. Arti then stepped through our door and we immediately got calmer. Her pleasant personality and gentle manners reassured us enough to let her have a go with our daughter.

We did not close one eye the first night Arti was there, but were very surprised as our daughter did not at all make the fuss we would have expected. The night after that went even smoother and after four nights our daughter slept 10 hours in a row - for us a miracle! Arti achieved this without letting her suffer at all, just gently pushing her into the right direction.

Had we known this was possible, we would have called in a professional sleep-trainer like Arti much earlier...

It is also lovely having Arti's support over the phone for a consultation whenever we need it.

Arti is such a wonderful person, warm and gentle. At the same time she is a true professional and she really knows what she is doing. I am sure she can teach any child how to sleep well in its own bed. I cannot recommed her any higher. We are so glad we met her!

Mrs. Asa Hintze and Dr. Martin Hintze
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